St. John Bosco Children's Centre
College Students
Our high school graduates are placed in college. In their senior year of high school, they take an aptitude test and undergo career counseling. We steer the students to demand fields where they will find employment. Such fields include: nursing, clinical medicine, teaching, construction management and electrical engineering.

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Benjamin Yoki

Edward Ekadeli received his degree in Education from Masinde Muliro University in December of 2012. He is now teaching Swahili language at Strathmore High School in Nairobi.
    James Ikone

James Ikone has grasuated from St. Mary's Medical Training College. He is now doing his one year residency to become a Clinical Officer.
    Margaret Akiru

Margaret Akiru received her diploma in Dietetics & Nutrition from Eldoret Polytechnic. She is applying her knowledge to help the people in drought-stricken Northern Kenya.
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